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As we continue to celebrate the Festival of Play, we’re excited to launch PlayMaker – a brand new app that allows users the unique opportunity to bring LEGO bricks to life with their iPhone.

It’s easy to play – simply take a photo of a LEGO brick on your iPhone and with the magic of technology PlayMaker will imagine what it might be and bring it to life in a series of illustrated animated mini-games.

There are eight exciting games to play each featuring animals and objects, offering entertainment for all ages!

Watch your LEGO brick come to life as a rocket and help it dodge meteors and collect stars. Or perhaps you’ll see your humble LEGO brick turn into a shark feasting on fish and evading fishermen in the sea, or a banana that needs you to keep it away from hungry monkeys!

PlayMaker is now available to download for free in the App Store, so grab your iPhone and enjoy!

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Mobile Application
31 October - 01 January
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